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New Federal CHCO Survey

Monster Government Solutions sponsored an editorial survey with Federal News Network to identify the biggest challenges and opportunities in federal workforce modernization. The 8th annual survey questioned chief human capital officers (CHCOs), deputy CHCOs and other senior HR managers on the current state of federal recruitment, hiring, and retention processes. Results showed that upgrading HR technology tools and making better use of data were the top priorities for federal HR leaders.

The survey brought light to key issues that federal hiring managers face and identified as their biggest areas of need around HR:  streamlining the hiring process, finding qualified talent, and accessing and maximizing data. 

A few key findings:

  • More than 85 percent of respondents noted it takes more than 30 days to fill a position.
  • 60 percent of respondents said that it takes between 76-100 days.
  • One respondent noted that the HR process is complicated and time intensive, and the application process is “laborious.”
  • While the majority of agencies are utilizing data to find qualified candidates, one in three of respondents still stated they are not.
  • CHCOs identified multiple reasons for why they face current challenges to moving employees away from “low-value” work to “high-value” work. In fact, 63 percent of respondents stated that the biggest challenge is the inability to bring in technology fast enough to move workers off the manual or inefficient processes.

Ultimately, HR professionals need access to better HR tools to quickly and easily find the best person for the job. It is critical that HR professionals can spend less time on paperwork so that they can focus more on the strategy and time needed to find the right candidate.

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