Gov. Jay Inslee's Employment Security Department is hoping to better connect employees and jobseekers with a new website.

Original Article Posted on State Scoop on July 15, 2016
By Alex Koma

Washington state is rolling out a freshly revamped online jobs portal aimed at more effectively matching employers and jobseekers to boost the state’s employment numbers.
Gov. Jay Inslee formally unveiled the new “WorkSourceWA” website at an event last week, trumpeting the work of the state’s Employment Security Department to build the site over the better part of the last two years.
Dale Peinecke, the department’s commissioner, told StateScoop that the new portal is “not the typical state system” plagued by a lack of mobile functionality and other features unfriendly to users. He thinks that’s largely due to the fact that his department didn’t develop the site following traditional public sector methods, adopting an agile development strategy to get the portal ready as quickly as possible.
“Typically, a system in a state like this might take easily four years to do,” Peinecke said. “Washington is the software capital of the world, and so we took a page out of the book of our software startups and went with agile.”
Peinecke believes the state saw the need for speed in getting a new site online because the department’s 15-year-old jobs portal was “technologically obsolete” and wasn’t especially helpful for employers or jobseekers.
“The technology was such that you’d fundamentally have piles of prospective employers, piles of resumes from jobseekers and our staff’s job would be to sort, evaluate and match those,” Peinecke said.