Hands working on a laptop. A Monster giving a thumbs up on the laptop screen.It Helps to Have a Monster on Your Side

Government agencies are working remotely to support daily functions of government, as well as, lead a coordinated response to fighting COVID-19. Doing both requires the right mix of people and skills. There are still thousands of open positions in our government that need to be filled, many of them critical to the COVID-19 response. Monster Government Solutions has tools and resources to help your agency navigate these uncertain times to help you find the right fit.

Collaborate:  Seamlessly manage your hiring process by leveraging the Collaborate module in Monster Hiring Management Enterprise (MHME)--including scored applicant assessments and SME panels, all within our virtual world. ​ 

Schedule: Continue your hiring process remotely by using the MHME Event Scheduler to coordinate and schedule virtual interviews, simply by including a URL rather than a physical address.

Upskill:  Maximize your time and talk to us about scheduling a virtual MHME Training for your agency or sign up for one of our professional development courses

We’re here (remotely of course) and ready to help you find and hire the people you need to keep your agency moving forward.

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