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Using Personality To Find Better Candidates

Finding the perfect candidate can be an impossible task. With an all-time high number of open jobs, it’s a challenge for not only job seekers to find the perfect career, but for hiring managers to determine the best fit candidate to deliver strong performance and long-term loyalty. For a growing number of businesses, Traitify’s 90 second visual personality assessment and career discovery tool, has helped on both fronts.

Monster invites you to view our webinar led by Josh Spears, COO and Co-Founder of Traitify, to get a firsthand look at Traitify’s engaging candidate experience, including an overview of the intuitive results and dashboard, customization options within the tool, as well as some of the success seen by current customers in various industries.

Topics includes:

  • What is Traitify?
  • Overview of Candidate Experience
  • Administrator Dashboard and Customization
  • Customer Success
  • Q&A