Boost Your Outreach With Automated Tweets

What are Monster Twitter Cards?
Monster Twitter Cards let you take your tweet beyond 140 characters by adding visual context — all without leaving the Twitter feed. In today’s noisy social networks, a “hiring” tweet can stand out more prominently to job seekers by containing visual information like organization logo, name, job title, salary, and location information, as well as a link to your Monster Job Ad.

How do Monster Twitter Cards work?
With 50,000 jobs tweeted every day, Monster Twitter Cards boost your Monster Job Ads with automated, branded tweets to your followers. After a quick installation, Monster Twitter Cards spread the word about your latest job openings. You can send up to 10 branded job announcements and one summary tweet with a link to all open jobs each day to your Twitter handles. Popular recruiting hashtags such as #career, #jobs, and #hiring, as well as job-specific and customized hashtags, are integrated into your posts, providing your openings with additional exposure.   

What do Monster Twitter Cards accomplish?
Monster Twitter Cards allow for more information than basic tweets, so they are more powerful as a marketing tool. They automate the distribution of your job openings to your Twitter followers, giving you enhanced branding and expanded messaging capabilities.

Why are Monster Twitter Cards unique?
Monster Twitter Cards allow full automation, daily summary tweets, and tailored scheduling. They are social, engaging, automated, and mobile. 

Example of a Monster Twitter Card


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