Hiring policies can be lengthy and complex, but that doesn’t mean yours should be. Federal agencies use Monster Government Solutions' federally compliant talent-acquisition solutions to get the right people hired and on board fast.

Our solutions help our clients search, compare, rank, and manage talent across all potential pools in just seconds. Powered by our multi-patented advanced search technology, our solutions help you identify, analyze, and hire the best candidate to fill your vacancies, ensuring the right decision is made to avoid costly staff turnover.

Once you’ve identified the right candidate, Monster Government Solutions can help you get them on board quickly and efficiently. Our Monster Onboarding solution reduces administrative burdens and personalizes the hiring process for new employees, getting them to work better and faster than ever before.

Manage the Entire Hiring Process
Monster Hiring Management Enterprise

Built from industry best practices specifically for government agencies, Monster Hiring Management Enterprise enables federal HR staff to easily identify quality candidates from large pools of online candidates. It is a proven applicant tracking solution in use at more than 60 government agencies that reduces the complexity of the federal hiring process while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Execute Tailored Human Capital Projects
With Monster Professional Services

Our team of industrial/organizational psychologists and HR consultants work with you to execute projects specific to your agency's requirements — aligned with industry standards and best practices. Through comprehensive subject matter expertise and past experience, we’ve delivered effective products and services for numerous organizations across both private and public sectors.

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Working with Monster Government Solutions

Working with us is easy. Here is a list of our federal contract vehicles.