Improve Your Agency's Communication and Management of the Onboarding Process

What is Monster Onboarding?
Monster Onboarding is a federally compliant workflow automation solution that dramatically improves communication, execution, and management of the new hire onboarding process for both HR users and new employees.

How does Monster Onboarding work?
Monster Onboarding increases HR productivity by leveraging previously collected new-hire data to quickly and accurately pre-populate and route emails, letters, and forms to selected candidates.

Get visibility into both HR and new hires with a centralized portal where HR professionals can track and manage all the steps and documentation that need to be completed in the onboarding process, before a new hire’s first day on the job. The portal further enhances the employee’s onboarding experience by acting as a delivery platform for orientation materials, videos, employee handbooks, and more.

What does Monster Onboarding accomplish?
Monster Onboarding reduces the time required to complete the administrative steps of the onboarding process by automating workflows, eliminating redundant data entry, and providing process visibility to both HR and the new hire. It enhances communication and management throughout the onboarding process to ensure that new employees are ready to work on their first day.

Why is Monster Onboarding unique?
Monster Onboarding is part of the federally compliant Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite and integrates with other popular applicant-tracking systems to help agencies everywhere make the onboarding process fast and seamless.

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