Eliminate Duplicate, Out-of-Date, Ineffective, or Poorly Written Assessment Items

What is Monster Question Library Restructuring?
Monster Question Library Restructuring services support Monster Hiring Management customers in the review, analysis, and reorganization of their existing question library to eliminate duplicate, out-of-date, ineffective, or poorly written assessment items. 

How does Monster Question Library Restructuring work?
Monster Government Solutions consultants extract an organization’s existing question library items and perform a detailed analysis to remove duplicates, improve item quality, and restructure question library categorization to meet client needs. Assessment items can be categorized by competency, job series, or other custom variables requested by the client.

Once the modifications are complete, Monster Government Solutions consultants upload the new question library items into the Monster Hiring Management system, making it available for the creation of vacancy announcements.

What does Monster Question Library Restructuring accomplish?
Monster Question Library Restructuring reduces the time required for HR specialists or hiring managers to locate and select assessment items for vacancy announcements. Question library content is dramatically improved, resulting in more qualified applicants on the vacancy certificate.

Why is Monster Question Library Restructuring unique?
Monster Government Solutions consultants possess extensive knowledge and expertise in both vacancy announcement creation and the Monster Hiring Management system. Our consultants archive the original question library content to preserve vacancy data associated with deleted assessment items. This solution can also be used on a subset of assessment items without impacting the entire library.

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