What are Monster Power Seeker Workshops?
Monster Power Seeker Workshops are LIVE, high energy events that equip job seekers with everything they need to know about getting a job, getting a better job, reentering the workforce, or changing careers.

How do Monster Power Seeker Workshops work?
The Monster team works directly with workforce staff to create tailored workshops that address the challenges of your region by industry, geography, job seeker experience, education, and many other factors. 

Typical target audiences include:
• Adult dislocated workers
• Veterans
• College students
• Industry or company-specific (aerospace, maritime, manufacturing)
• Experienced professionals, youth, transitioning workforce

Workshop topics include:
• Resume tips and tricks, including key elements, keywords, and formatting
• How to build and maintain a lasting network of professional connections
• Information on how to jump start the job search process with Monster, including the basics of creating a Monster profile and using Monster career tools
• The importance of making the best first impression with a potential employer
• How to create a positive online presence
• How to prepare for a successful job interview

What do Monster Power Seeker Workshops accomplish?
Together, we give your job seekers the advantage they need to conduct a job search with the latest tools and techniques. Monster presenters tout the services and capabilities of your local workforce board as the “go to” entity in the region for ongoing assistance. Monster Power Seeker Workshops are a proven solution to extend and enhance the range of services provided by workforce development boards (WDBs) in a very measurable way.

Why are Monster Power Seeker Workshops unique?
Monster’s wealth of experience, strong brand recognition and impactful motivational speaking team deliver tangible results. To date, Monster has delivered hundreds of Power Seeker Workshops to thousands of job seekers all over the United States. Dozens of WDBs have delivered the direct benefits of this public and private collaboration to their clients.