Leverage Robust Candidate Management Tools That Let You Track Views and Applications

What are Monster Job Ads?
Monster Job Ads are one of the top job-posting tools in the country. Our solutions offers both traditional and social job ads to maximize your recruiting and hiring efforts.

How do Monster Job Ads work?
Monster enhances your organization’s profile by distributing powerful job ads to thousands of targeted sites across the internet.

Monster Job Ads offer:

  • Distribution of your posts to more than 1,000 targeted sites to ensure your ad gets in front of the right candidates.
  • Robust candidate management tools that let you track views and applications.
  • Email distribution to active candidates.
  • Social ads that ensure distribution to both passive and active candidates over Twitter.
  • Up to 20 recommended resumes from Monster’s database.  
  • Response tracking and reports that enable you to pull the summary data you need to know where your job search stands at all times.

What do Monster Job Ads accomplish?
Monster Job Ads — optimized for both desktop and mobile — showcase your organization's open positions and your brand to recruit the most qualified candidates.

Why are Monster Job Ads unique?
With more than 70 million job searches performed, 68 million jobs viewed, and 598,000 new resumes added each month, Monster has a recruiting breadth and scale that is unbeatable.

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