Make Your Jobs Come Alive with Monster Studios

Bring your brand to life through video job ads to effectively find the right fit.

What is Monster Studios?
Monster Studios is a mobile app* that lets recruiters record, edit, and publish videos in minutes, showing off the job, brand, and culture, while providing an authenticity that candidates are looking for in the job search process. When candidates hear from actual recruiters and hiring managers upfront, it gives them a true picture of the job and organization, something a text-only job description just can’t do.

How does Monster Studios work?
Monster Studios was created to help you easily shoot engaging videos that show off your jobs, culture, and brand, in one simple app. All it takes is three simple steps:

  1. Record: Create a script and upload it to the app or use an editable template. With a phone on a tripod, you simply read from the in-app teleprompter and use the prompts to create the video. 
  1. Edit: Trim, add captions, and import images and b-roll video to create a compelling picture of the job opportunity and emphasize key points. A cover image and title can also be easily added.
  1. Post: Upload your Monster Studios video to a Monster job ad with one click. Monster Studios is compatible with Duration Job Ads, Job slots, Premium Job Ads, and Complete Job Ads. 

What does Monster Studios accomplish?
Candidates want to know why they should work for you. They want a view into your organization, managers, and culture before they even consider applying. And employers need to know that the candidates they’re hiring understand the role, how they’ll fit into the organization, and how they can make an impact. The best way to do this? Video.

Video really grabs candidates’ attention. In fact, 72% of Americans see the importance of video in job search. Employers also know the value of video. According to a recent survey, video job descriptions are the number one recruiting technology investment for employers in the coming year.

Why Monster Studios?

  • Make jobs and brand come alive: More clearly articulate the job so you can attract the right candidates.
  • Stand out and get attention: In a market where candidates have options, leverage video to stand out from boring job descriptions.
  • Gain credibility: Videos made by recruiters and hiring managers give an authenticity that candidates are searching for and help build trust.
  • Easy-to-Use: Start posting videos to job ads in three simple steps with tools like script templates and branding elements to help post a video in three simple steps – fast!
  • Reduce time to hire: Providing a more authentic picture of the role will encourage the best-fit candidate to apply and shorten the hiring process.

Monster Studions example screens