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Applicant Assessment: Introducing Science to Selection

Measuring your applicants against critical job competencies is the best way to make effective hiring decisions. Beyond an Occupational Questionnaire and Hiring Manager Interview, Federal agencies have a variety of selection tools available, including integrated online assessments. Rather than rely on self-reported applicant information, which allows for potential subjectivity and bias in the assessment process, the inclusion of an online assessment can help reduce applicant score inflation, measure key job competencies and special/critical skills, and provide a more reliable picture of applicant quality.

This webinar will introduce the Monster Applicant Assessment product integrated within Hiring Management and discuss its use in a multiple hurdle assessment process. Monster Applicant Assessment allows Hiring Management clients to add a custom or off-the-shelf assessment to a vacancy announcement and automatically capture applicant scores. In this webinar, you will also learn the importance of aligning your assessment tools with job analysis results and methods of validating assessments.

In this webinar, a member of the MGS Organizational Psychologist team will discuss:

  • Selection tools available for Federal hiring
  • Using multiple hurdle assessments
  • Job analysis and policy compliance
  • Impacting organizational performance with assessments

During this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to implement assessments at your agency using Hiring Management
  • Understand the assessment process from job analysis to assessment administration
  • View how to complete an assessment from the applicant’s standpoint

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