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MonsterWorks Case Management screenshotA Modern and Holistic Case Management System for Workforce Development

MonsterWorks Case Management empowers workforce development professionals to easily administer local workforce development programs and deliver personalized services that meet the needs of their local workforce, employers, and larger communities.

Our easy-to-use case management system allows critical regional workforce development organizations to spend less time on paperwork and more time working with their customers, while meeting compliance and reporting requirements, such as WIOA and PIRL. MonsterGov delivers a best-in-class experience for all users, job seekers, employers, staff, and partners to ultimately support workforce agencies and boards to meet their goals better, faster, and more effectively.

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Customer-Centric Case Management

MonsterWorks Case Management’s intuitive, automated, and user-centric design enables case managers to spend less time managing data and more time focused on helping customers. Case managers can quickly process the intake, conduct assessments, build an Individual Opportunity Plan (IOP), determine a customer’s eligibility for programs, enroll customers to receive eligible services, and set them up for success in the workforce. The system offers case managers unmatched insight into the goals and strategies of their customers through information-centric dashboards, optimum workflow management, timely notifications, and alerts.

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Flexible and Configurable Program Administration

With MonsterWorks Case Management, workforce boards can set up local programs, allocate grant funding, configure program eligibility requirements, identify appropriate training and service providers, assign programs to a local office, enroll eligible participants, and determine/track outcomes – all in one, easy-to-use, automated system. In addition to supporting traditional WIOA programs, MonsterWorks Case Management’s flexible system offers the ability to easily and rapidly design customizable workflows to meet evolving State and Local program requirements.

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Easy, Accurate, and Compliant Reporting

Get out from under all the paperwork and spreadsheets! Leverage our pre-configured reports to minimize the time spent gathering and organizing data. MonsterWorks Case Management includes a powerful reporting tool that allows advanced caseload and performance reporting. It also validates all required data for common federal requirements, such as the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) reporting requirements, with the added ability to measure and track custom program outcomes. On-demand reporting means accurate data can be shared - faster - to federal, state, and local stakeholders.

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Secure, Scalable, and Modern Platform

Stop working in outdated and clunky systems! MonsterWorks Case Management leverages state-of-the-art security and technology, meets data privacy requirements, and easily scales to fit workforce needs. As a fully hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), our platform can be safely accessed by permissioned users anywhere – whether in the office or working remotely – to offer safe and continuous access to conduct critical workforce activities.

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Designed by Workforce Experts

With nearly two decades of innovating employment solutions for the public sector, we've seen it all. The MonsterWorks Case Management platform was built by workforce subject matter experts and backed by Monster's long history of partnering with customers to configure, deploy, and implement solutions that are scalable, comprehensive, reliable, and delivers results.

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What MonsterWorks Case Management does for you...

  • Streamlines the coordination of workforce program administration to deliver improved efficiencies, customer satisfaction, and better outcomes
  • Enables easier and more accurate reporting with preconfigured reports
  • Encourages engagement and use through its intuitive, user-friendly design
  • Provides control at the local level for creating and managing local programs/grants, and tracking its performance and outcomes
  • Reduces paperwork, data redundancy and errors, and wasted resources

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