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Still manually retrieving files to create Position Descriptions (PDs), cover sheets or functional statements for your federal agency's job vacancies? Sending emails with sensitive documents to get reviewed but the Classifier can’t find it? Move beyond your filing cabinets, shared drives, and other static document repositories into a modern, easy-to-use, and collaborative system. Monster Position Classification (Monster PC), part of the FedRAMP-Authorized Monster Hiring Management Enterprise (MHME), is a web-based, federally compliant solution that automates the developing, assigning, reviewing, approving, storing, and reporting of critical classification documents in a centralized and secure virtual location. Your HR team, hiring managers, and classifiers can all collaborate and perform classification activities within our streamlined and intuitive Monster Position Classification solution.

Your agency can plug Monster PC right into your existing HRIS ecosphere and easily auto-populate MHME’s Job Analysis module, our applicant tracking system, and Monster Onboarding to facilitate the data sharing necessary to move through the federal hiring process. MonsterGov’s Professional Services and I/O Psychology teams will work with your agency from start to finish on your federal classification solution to ensure your system is best optimized and implemented to meet your agency’s unique mission needs.

What Monster Position Classification can do for you

  • Offers user-friendly and centralized virtual environment to conduct classification activity, while serving unique needs of an agency’s subdepartments.
  • Enables collection and documentation of key classification data points important to your federal agency for HR insights or reporting requirements.
  • Reduces the burden of managing workloads with automated process, routing/tracking of documents, and dashlets for quick visibility of assignments and progress.
  • Eases demands on HR for compliance and increases transparency and accountability with auditable user actions, reinforcement of OPM Classification standards, and alignment with other federal regulations.
  • Optimizes your PC program with support from our expert professional services team for data migrations, custom Cover Sheets, and system integrations.
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Streamline and Automate Your Federal Position Classification Process with Ease

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Find It All in Your Virtual Classification Library

In many situations, hiring managers don’t need to create brand new position descriptions for a job vacancy. These PDs already exist, but where and how easy are they to find? Monster PC hosts an agency-specific, centralized PD library, so users can quickly and easily access their agency’s classifier-approved Position Descriptions, Cover Sheets and other supporting documents in one place. Using Monster PC’s sophisticated search/filters, comparison tools, and relevancy features, users can quickly locate the content or key attributes they need so they can hit the ground running. HR can enforce agency policies, such as setting expiration thresholds, or security protocols to ensure only permitted users have document access – either to the whole library or their sub-agency.

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Easily Create High Quality, Compliant PC Documents

Now, anyone (with the proper permissions) can make a Position Description. Monster Position Classification helps users with varying levels of classification knowledge, from hiring managers who create only a few PDs per year to Classifiers who are experts in the field. With Custom and Power Builder Wizard options, Monster PC’s intelligent design guides agency users through a consistent, automated workflow to quickly build high quality, OPM- and agency-compliant PDs and cover sheets for Classifiers to review and approve. Other simple-to-use tools enable users to build the full complement of additional classification documents, such as Career Ladders, Multi-Disciplinary PDs, PD Addenda, and Evaluation Statements – bundling all items into a convenient PD package.

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Help Hiring Stakeholders Collaborate Effectively

The Federal Position Classification process demands effective collaboration between Classifiers, other HR staff, and Hiring Managers – sometimes, even auditors. By providing dashboards, document routing capabilities, and automatic email notifications of PD changes, Monster Position Classification reduces the burden of tracking assignments and hand-offs, while offering more visibility into the team’s progress.

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Trackable, Reportable, and Compliant Classification Documents

Both internal and external reporting requirements can now be accomplished with a simple click of a button. Monster PC reinforces OPM’s Classifier’s Handbook, enables compliance with all federal standards and regulations, and is FedRAMP-authorized. Users can also access their own Monster PC data for easy records management and reporting, including the ability to collect specific data from individual PD components, such as Cover Sheets (OF-8), to track what matters most. The system tracks and documents ‘pen-and-ink' changes so hiring managers and Classifiers can readily see modifications.

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Expert Support for Classification Program Best Practices and Change Management

We recognize implementing a Position Classification solution is not just getting new technology; it’s a potential transformation of your agency’s overall Position Classification program – a critical phase in the federal hiring process. MonsterGov’s Professional Services and I/O Psychology teams are committed to working hand-in-hand with your agency to understand your agency’s stakeholders, policies, processes, and cultural nuances to plan for and manage a successful implementation of Monster Position Classification. Based on your agency’s unique requirements, our team will leverage best practices in change management, user adoption, and process re-design developed from decades of leading and managing similar federal agency projects.

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