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Arm pointing at analytics on a digital whiteboardData-Driven Hiring Insights from MHME's Federal Talent Acquisition System

With the federal workforce at the top of the priority list for The White House, agencies are tasked with a multitude of initiatives to modernize, strengthen, and advance the federal workforce. A recurring component to driving on these initiatives is the demand for better data collection, improved analytics, and effective reporting to deliver insights. MonsterGov’s federal talent acquisition system, MHME, is built to safely capture loads of hiring metrics to empower agencies with the data necessary to inform strategy, improve hiring decisions, optimize processes, and efficiently respond to reporting requirements mandated by OPM, EEOC, and other regulators. MHME’s Analytics module provides a secure environment for agencies to access, export, and deliver critical hiring data.

MHME’s Analytics module provides a secure environment for agencies to access, analyze, and deliver critical hiring data that is easy-to-use and configurable by the agency. Standard and Required Federal Hiring Reports

The Analytics module is prepopulated with a range of structured reports, such as 80-Day Hiring and MD-715s, so agency HR teams can quickly download standard reports. HR teams can  provide the required documentation for federal compliance and regulations – such as time-to-hire summaries, applicant information,  demographic summary data, or audits on announcement changes.

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Ad-Hoc Agency Hiring ReportsAd-Hoc Agency Hiring Reports

Federal HR teams can build custom report queries with the Analytics’ ad-hoc functionality to extract specific metrics and data combinations relevant to the agency, or in response to requests made by stakeholders or authorities. With this inherent flexibility, HR teams can further examine its agency’s hiring data, such as applicants, vacancies, eligibility question responses, and certificate data, to better understand and optimize their overall hiring program.  

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Monster Analytics is Reliable, Secure and CompliantReliable, Secure and Compliant

With the FedRAMP-authorized MHME system, agencies have a secure environment to access, manage, and share MHME data with optimal performance and minimal processing times. MHME complies with NIST 800-37, NIST 800-53a, HR PII data protection, Section 508, and E-Government standards, and configurable to respond to new reporting requirements or address unique mission needs. MonsterGov expertly handles Microsoft-amounts of private and sensitive data and meets all applicable federal regulations.

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Monster’s in your CornerMonster’s in your Corner

As always, the MonsterGov Professional Services team is ready to support agencies with federal reporting requirements or any additional data needs as requested. Similar to supporting the Assessments Dashboard or the EEOC Applicant Data Flow, MonsterGov is able to set up ad hoc data queries for extraction and delivery on behalf of agencies or specific integrations per agency requirements.  

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