Selecting Official in Monster Hiring Management Enterprise

Selecting Official in Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Streamlining the Candidate Selection Process for Federal HiringEngage Hiring Managers from Announcement to Selection

Selecting Official offers federal HR teams an easy, effective, yet flexible approach to engage with hiring managers throughout the talent acquisition process. Whether to review a vacancy announcement or make a new hire selection, users can rely on Selecting Official to manage the documentation, notifications, and annotations in one central location instead of worrying about missed emails, lost attachments, or confusing requests. Selecting Official clients can also invite other federal agency colleagues as users, even if they are not an MHME client, to share certificates per the Competitive Service Act.

With a streamlined approach to engaging decision-makers, Selecting Official empowers agencies to make better and faster decisions while offering a more organized and engaging experience for their stakeholders.


Selecting Official in Monster Hiring Management EnterpriseEmpower Selecting Officials to Make the Right Hire

As HR specialists assign certificates of eligibles, Selecting Official users can access all certificates for all their vacancies in one place, with a range of tools to support the new hire selection process. Selecting Officials have the ability to view assigned certificates, review documentation of referred applicants, provide selection decisions and feedback, and submit the annotated certificate back to HR. Selecting Officials can update phase scores and use bulk action features, such as printing applicant reports with specified criteria.

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Start to finish icons - Monster Selecting OfficialInvolve Hiring Managers from Start to Finish

MHME customers can use Selecting Official to facilitate different hiring decisions required by hiring managers throughout the process. Vacancy Review allows users to search by Announcement Number for specific vacancies and preview the federal job opportunity announcement (JOA) in either Monster Hiring Management or USAJOBS. Question Selection provides access to the agency’s library of personnel assessment questions with robust search, filter, view and selection options.

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Streamlining the Candidate Selection Process for Federal Hiring Reduce Burden on HR - Monster Selecting OfficialReduce Burden on HR

Federal HR teams can rest assured that critical decisions required by hiring managers are facilitated easily, correctly, and effectively. HR specialists can request user accounts for Selecting Officials, assign certificates when ready, and manage all required documentation. Automatic notifications are sent when certificates are assigned and annotated certificates are received to help users stay informed on the progress of each certificate.

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Two people sharing a folderShare Certificates with Other Federal Agencies

Selecting Official can be used to share certificates of eligible candidates with other federal agencies, even if they aren’t an MHME customer. If a federal agency requests a certificate from an MHME customer, the Originating Agency can send a certificate of non-selected, best qualified candidates (who’ve opted in) to a Receiving Agency by inviting them into the system as a user, as long as technical and security requirements are properly configured. Receiving Agencies can access these certificates and corresponding documentation for a fast-tracked approach to making a great hire. The more agencies that leverage the potential of sharing certs, the more successful the program will be – presenting a huge potential to better meet talent acquisition goals.

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