Collaborate in Monster Hiring Management Enterprise

Collaborate in Monster Hiring Management Enterprise A Simplified SME Panel Review Tool for Federal HiringA Simplified SME Panel Review Tool for Federal Hiring

Collaborate is used for managing any external, scored applicant assessment, such as a subject matter expert (SME) panel, that a federal agency wants to record within its federal talent acquisition system (MHME). Creating and assigning panels allows agencies to leverage multiple SMEs to assess applicants for positions with all relevant information in an organized central location. The goal is to help agencies involve their SMEs in assessing candidates by collecting and calculating scores in one place so that the process is managed by the system rather than manual emails, print outs or spreadsheets.


Collaborate in Monster Hiring Management EnterpriseFoster Collaboration and Reduce Burdens

Using Collaborate, a panel review can be completely documented within MHME, including participants, time and dates, scores and comments, and rating process instructions for auditability and transparency. System Admins can create a user group and add panelists within User Management and set up the new panel assessment phase within Administration. HR can then add the panel phase to a vacancy, create panels, and bulk-add candidates to the appropriate panels.

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A Simplified SME Panel Review Tool for Federal HiringEmpower SME Panels to Score Candidates

The Collaborate module provides SMEs with a single location where they can go to conduct panel reviews. SMEs can see the vacancy details, read the scoring parameters, review the candidates’ materials (resumes, answers to questions), and record their ratings and justifications all in one place. SMEs are notified by email when a panel review is initiated, and HR receives email notifications when raters complete their reviews.

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Collaborate in Monster Hiring Management EnterpriseAutomate Scoring Collection for HR

MHME automatically collects numerical ratings and narrative feedback from SME panelists for HR to review. HR can easily view each SME’s scores side-by-side with the candidate’s ‘paperwork’ and accept the ratings or return the work to the SME for additional review/comments. HR can also overwrite or cancel scores, if needed. Candidate scores are averaged across SMEs and shown alongside weighted scores from other assessment phases for a cumulative phase result. Candidates who fall below phase hurdles are visibly marked.

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