Attract Millennials with Your Employer Branding

The first step to attract the best and brightest Millennials to your college/university is to tell a good story. 
Rather than recalling a Harry Potter adventure, your book is titled, Why Our College/University Offers You the Best. Opportunity. Ever. Here’s how it reads:
Chapter 1:  Make your employer brand shine online
Whether the image of your college/university as an employer is defined by old-fashioned print help-wanted ads, a sophisticated all-media campaign or random raves and rants on Yelp and Glassdoor, Millennials will brand you by what they find online. 
It’s important to pay attention to how Millennials see you online, as that’s usually their first impression of you.  
Chapter 2: You have 3 seconds to set the hook for Millennials 
If your college/university doesn’t make an impact online, Millennials will find an employer who does.
“First impressions in the hiring process happen long before the first phone call or interview," says Ron Piccolo, a professor of management at the Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business.
And if you were born before 1980, you likely don't know enough about what will make your organization’s value proposition a page-turner for Millennials.
Chapter 3: Millennials can amplify your employer brand
Enough with the cautionary tales. Let's talk about how Millennials can power up recruitment of their peers -- the largest, new cohort of American workers.
"Empower Millennials to be your brand advocates," says Piccolo. "Millennials will happily amplify the great things you’re doing through their own social media platforms.”
Your incumbent Millennial employees can also be valuable for performing reality checks on your recruitment pitch. "One branding strategy that can be effective is describing not just the college/university but its broader social and environmental impact," says Piccolo. The point is to highlight the unique characteristics that define your brand.