Original Article Posted on GCN on July 27, 2016 
By Paul McCloskey 

Washington  Gov. Jay Inslee wants to help spur workforce development throughout the state by rolling out a jobs-matching website that combines features of the state’s WorkSource job matching site and technology from jobs powerhouse, Monster Worldwide Inc.
The upgraded website, called WorkSourceWA.com, offers employers improved job recruitment tools, talent-management software to find candidates faster and ways to perform side-by-side comparisons of job seeker attributes.
“This partnership will help our state reduce unemployment and grow our economy, while ensuring that Washingtonian workers and employers have opportunities to be successful and prosper,” Inslee said.
The site is powered by Monster but carries Washington State branding and data. It offers job seekers resume-builder tools so they can stand out in the candidate pool as well as skills and assessment tools to help them explore opportunities  and chart progress throughout their careers. An integrated case management system also helps expert advisors in 60 statewide resource centers help residents find jobs.
In the 14 years prior to relaunching the site, the state’s employment security office hosted a mainframe-based labor exchange that was mostly a system for organizing paperwork.
“Employers posted jobs and job seekers posted resumes, but people looked at the piles and did the actual match,” said Dale Peinecke, commissioner of Washington's Employment Security Department.
Two years ago the state launched a search for a technology partner to modernize the program,   choosing Monster Government Solutions. In addition to having 20 years’ experience in jobs matching, Monster had a valuable technology advantage: artificial intelligence and semantic technology that could help automate parts of the decision making process.
“With the Monster Government Solutions technology piece, we’ve got artificial intelligence that does the matching,” Peinecke said. “That allows our people to spend more time doing career or employer counseling and move cases forward.”