Working with Monster, the Evergreen State wants to pair job seekers with work before they graduate education programs.

Original Article Posted on Route Fifty on July 6, 2016 
By Dave Nyczepir, News Editor 

Washington state launched a more effective labor exchange Wednesday, one focused on customers rather than government programs.
Monster Worldwide’s second statewide job match platform, built in partnership with the WorkSource Washington career system, is the product of 24 focus groups with employers and discussions with job seekers.
Rather than reinventing the wheel, employers can specify desired skills, applicants list theirs and Weston, Massachusetts-based Monster ranks the degree of fit in a Top 10 format.
“Our people can really get on with client management,” Dale Peinecke, Employment Security Department commissioner, told Route Fifty in an interview. “And that’s working with employers to look at how they’re describing the skills and talents they need.”