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Monster Event Scheduler - group of people at a hiring event using digital devicesA tool to support high-volume hiring events for federal agencies

Managing high volumes of candidate assessments, interviews, and pre-hire activities across multiple vacancy announcements can be a daunting challenge. And the outcome could mean longer hire times, disengaged candidates, and increased hiring costs for federal agencies.

HR can improve on time-to-hire and cost-to-hire goals by leveraging a suite of automated features designed to streamline the coordination of hiring events. Monster Event Scheduler enables HR users to easily create, track, and publish events to attendee pools and send email invitations to candidates automatically with a link to a branded webpage. The intuitive interface includes a personalized dashboard that provides instant access to the user’s unique events, sessions, and attendee pools.

Monster Event Scheduler, which integrates seamlessly with Monster’s applicant tracking system, offers unrivaled performance, flexibility, and personalization for the high-volume hiring needs of the Federal Government.


Manage High-Capacity Scheduling Needs with Monster Event SchedulerManage High-Capacity Scheduling Needs

With access to real-time metrics and the ability to set limits, Monster Event Scheduler helps save time spent monitoring the available capacity of hiring event venues by offering access to real-time metrics and the ability to view optimal event limits. The system automatically removes events from the schedule once capacity limits are reached, so it’s virtually impossible for events to be oversubscribed.

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Better the applicant experience with Monster Event SchedulerBetter the Applicant Experience

HR can improve the applicant experience by sending professional and consistent agency-branded email invitations and registration pages. Applicants will be able to review a clear list of tasks, see event options, and schedule their hiring activities through a simple registration process.

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Increase attendance and completion rates with Monster Event SchedulerIncrease Attendance and Completion Rates

Monster Event Scheduler's response tracking is precise, allowing users to identify and renotify non-responders, and reinviting them as needed. With access to accurate candidate data, HR can maximize its event attendance and completion rates.

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Capture and Share Results Automatically with ATS and Monster Event SchedulerCapture and Share Results Automatically with ATS

Monster Event Scheduler takes applicants from Monster Hiring Management applicant tracking system, schedules them for sessions, and automatically and accurately updates job vacancy announcements within the ATS so users don’t have to.


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