What is Military Skills Translator?
Military.com’s Military Skills Translator allows job seekers and recruiters to translate military experience and skills into civilian terminology, matching veterans’ talents to today's dynamic job market. The solution then matches veteran applicants to available job openings.

How does Military Skills Translator work?
Organizations can embed a Military Skills Translator in a website or career portal to match the organization’s look and feel. Military Skills Translator is offered as a hosted, software as a service, making updates hassle-free.

The veteran candidate can then choose from thousands of military occupation codes and specialties. The solution matches veterans to live job openings based on their core Military Occupational Specialty (MOS). It also considers secondary and tertiary MOS codes, as well as any additional training the veteran received. 

What does Military Skills Translator accomplish?
When integrated within an organization’s career portal, Military Skills Translator seamlessly bridges the gap between the veteran’s military experience and the organization’s hiring needs. It gives an organization:

  • Recognition as a veteran-friendly employer.
  • Access to quality veteran candidates.
  • Visibility on Military.com’s Veteran Employment Portal with logo placement.
  • A diversified recruitment strategy to attract veteran talent.


Why is Military Skills Translator unique?
Military Skills Translator, powered by Military.com, reaches more veteran candidates than any other hiring solution. With access to the nation’s largest online military destination, Monster has been committed to the military and veteran market for decades. We serve over 10 million members including active duty personnel, reservists, guard members, retirees, veterans, family members, defense workers, and those considering military careers.