mindgage on a mobile phone screenshotIs your federal agency looking for fun and effective ways to identify high-quality candidates with assessments they will enjoy?

Traditionally, measuring cognitive ability in job candidates has had its challenges: time-consuming tests, subpar candidate experience, and negative scoring impacts on minority groups.

MonsterGov is introducing the next-generation of cognitive tests based on innovative AI scoring principles and an engaging user experience. Mindgage™ is a new, interactive cognitive ability test series that measures different aspects of cognitive ability through fast, easy, and fun-to-play modules. Whether to measure problem-solving, reasoning, abstract thinking, or learning speed, Mindgage™ can help assess your potential employee’s cognitive ability. It's a great way to engage the emerging workforce.

Introducing Mindgage™

  • Engaging: Mindgage offers a huge opportunity for engagement; modules are designed around user experience and play – offering candidates an immersive and unique experience.
  • Universal: Most Mindgage modules use non-verbal assessment tools, so language differences are less of a barrier.
  • Device-Friendly: Mindgage produces equivalent scores for candidates across mobile phones, tablets, and desktop.
  • Advanced Scoring: By leveraging innovative machine learning and AI scoring principles, Mindgage significantly reduces group differences and the risk of adverse impact.
  • Fast: The scoring mechanisms behind Mindgage is designed so that the modules don’t have to be long for accurate results. This ensures a short testing time and a better candidate experience.

The Mindgage™ Ability Test Series

The Mindgage ability test series consists of a variety of modules, focusing in on different areas of cognitive ability.
Crunch icon

Solve equations and order them correctly to measure Numerical Ability
Flow icon

Create a pathway to get from A to B to measure Mental Rotation Ability
Seek icon

Remember and avoid hidden walls to escape the maze, measuring Perceptual Ability

Sync icon
(coming soon)
Match up words with similar meaning to measure Verbal Ability

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