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Man with baby on his lap looking at a computerAre you looking to further your professional skills while working remotely? Have educational unit (EU) system credits to spend?* Sign up for one of our virtual professional development courses today.

Principles of Structured Interviewing Course

1 Day

The Principles of Structured Interviewing course provides attendees the skills needed to effectively develop and administer valid, legally defensible structured interviews. This one-day course provides an in-depth review of behaviorally based structured interview best practices related to question and scoring protocol design, development, and validation as well as administration considerations and recommendations. Lesson quizzes and applied exercises will be administered to facilitate the learning process.

Category Rating: Methods and Applications Course

1 Day

The Category Rating course offers multiple approaches and tools to help HR professionals apply the category rating selection method within the Monster Hiring Management Applicant Tracking System. This one-day course provides an overview of category rating, descriptions, and concrete examples of three different methods that can be used to define quality categories and rank applicants, and a demonstration of how to implement the three methods within Monster Hiring Management. Lesson quizzes will be administered to validate the learning process. 

Selecting Employees with Monster Hiring Management Course

1.5 Days

This course will help participants learn how to conduct a job analysis and leverage the results to develop and validate assessment questions for ranking applicants. In addition to clarifying the legal requirements related to job analysis, assessment, and selection, the course covers effective competency and question weighting techniques. Skills gained will assist HR Professionals in maximizing their assessment efforts within Monster Hiring Management (MHM).


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