Today’s talent pool is more diverse and complex due to the ways candidates find and share information, search for jobs, and engage with potential employers. Federal recruiters are challenged to reach, attract and engage the younger generations needed to fill open positions in government.

To close the federal talent gap, agencies need new techniques and tools that increase visibility of their openings in the social media and mobile platforms used universally among next-generation talent.

Agencies must impart a compelling brand narrative, through rich digital experiences, that appeal to younger candidates’ desires for employment opportunities that offer more than just a paycheck.

Monster can help your agency by:

  • Engaging Top Talent with our online and social recruiting tools, social job ads and powerful search technology. We put your openings in front of next generation talent on the social and mobile platforms where they live, online.
  • Delivering a Powerful Agency Brand Experience through Monster Talent Gateway, a customizable, agency-branding platform that ties your mission to candidates’ aspirations and career goals through a rich digital experience inline with what next-generation talent has come to expect from employers.
  • Capturing Prospects and Keeping Them Engaged through tailored communications that point them to the right opportunities and prompt them to apply on, helping to increase hiring success rates.

By 2017, 31 percent of federal workers will be eligible to retire. Learn more about how Monster can help your agency reach, attract and engage your next-generation of talent.

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