Agency Guidance for Populating Government-Wide USAJOBS Portals with MHME

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OPM has pushed out numerous job sites to help agencies better advertise mission-critical occupations to in-demand job seekers. Some of these job sites automatically populate if agencies have relevant hiring paths marked or are using existing MCO tags in their MHME system. Others require agencies to update their MHME system with custom MCO tags and then those tagged vacancies will begin to pull through to these portals. Below are all the current government-wide job sites offered by USAJOBS with guidance on how to leverage these for your agency’s vacancies.


These pages will only populate if you specifically select the correct predefined (MonsterGov added) or custom tag (Agency added).  For instructions on how users can leverage MCO tags in MHME, refer to the guide here.  System administrators: access the 4.15.2 Release Notes posted to the Corner for guidance on adding custom MCO tags into MHME. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Portal

USAJOBS Artificial Intelligence Portal icon
USAJOBS AI Recruitment Flyer

Agency Added Custom Tag: AI

Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

USAJOBS Bipartisan Infrastructure Law icons

Predefined Tag: Infrastructure Act

Cyber Security

USAJOBS Cyber Security icon

Predefined Tag: Cyber Security

Federal Tech Portal

USAJOBS Federal Tech Portal icon

Agency Added Custom Tag: TechtoGov

National Security & Foreign Policy Jobs

USAJOBS National Security & Foreign Policy Jobs icon

Agency Added Custom Tag: NatSec



Predefined Tag: STEM


MonsterGov & Leveraging MCO Tags with MHME


These pages should automatically populate if your vacancies have any of the associated hiring paths.

Federal Internship Portal

USAJOBS Federal Internship Portal icon

Appointment Type:
- N-Internships (Student)

Hiring Path:
- Students

*Both appointment type and hiring path must be selected
MonsterGov & Posting to the Internship Portal

ODEIA Talent Portal

ODEIA Talent Portal icon

ODEIA Talent Portal

Select any of these hiring paths:
- Open to the public
- Students
- Recent graduates
- Individuals with disabilities
- Native Americans

Talent Sourcing for America

USAJOBS Talent Sourcing for America icons

Hiring Path(s):
- Open to the public
- Students
- Recent Grads
- Individuals with Disabilities
- Native Americans

*Vacancies must have 1 or more of the above, not all.
MonsterGov & Posting to the Talent Sourcing Portal

For agencies with questions about the USAJOBS portals, please reach out to your USAJOBS representative. For questions on using MHME to populate these portals, please reach out to your MonsterGov representative.

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