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Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) plans for MHME System Administration

We have our Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) plan in place to keep the MHME system available to you when you need it, but do you have yours in place for its system administration?

Why is one needed?

If a system administrator is unavailable, this can negatively impact your critical hiring needs and potentially stop the hiring process right in its tracks. It is important to have a COOP in place that identifies back-up users who can assist with keeping things operational.

What should it cover?

Whether system administrators are out sick for a few days, or the office itself is closed, everyone needs a back-up plan. See the below checklist to help you to begin creating your back-up plan.

   As a system administrator, who is your back-up if you are out and do they know what to do?
   Do you have a communications plan in place to tag them in?
   Did you set-up their account in advance with all of the proper permissions?
   Do they have access to your job aids and resources so they know how to take the proper system actions?
   Do HR users need to know of the personnel change or can the back-up access the shared mailbox?
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