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Between the hybrid working environment and the heavy spotlight on the federal workforce, agency HR teams are expressing interest in opportunities to collaborate with each other and seeking insights to maximize their MHME talent acquisition system (TAS) to help reach their talent goals. Plus, MonsterGov’s products and services are centered around our agencies’ needs and continuous engagement is critical to ensuring our development efforts are aligned with their priorities.

Currently, MonsterGov engages with its agency clients through a range of channels – between account meetings, sprint reviews, regular system release client previews, and more. The feedback has been positive, and agencies are asking for more! Given this stronger demand for collaboration and knowledge sharing, MonsterGov decided to reinstate its Federal User Groups.

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These virtual user group sessions will provide a forum where MonsterGov can bring together its federal agencies and allow them an opportunity to share feedback with us and each other around their federal talent acquisition system, (MHME). The goal is to better gather insights on what MHME needs are shared across agencies, help agencies share best practices with each other, and enable federal HR professionals to connect with one another.

Who are we looking for?
Agency users who are interested in being active participants and familiar with the designated topic of the meeting. These user groups are not just for system administrators!


Please see below for information on our past and upcoming User Groups meetings!

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2023 MHME User Group 

In August 2023, MonsterGov hosted a User Group on the MHME federal talent acquisition system. Our Product and Services team brought our federal agencies together to discuss remaining 2023 plans and gather input on technology priorities for 2024. 

Results of the 2023 MHME User Group

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2023 Job Analysis User Group

In April 2023, MonsterGov hosted its first Federal User Group of the year, with a focus on the Job Analysis module. MonsterGov is the only provider of a tech-enabled Job Analysis system, and the concept of using technology to power the federal Job Analysis process is still not widely adopted. In this User Group, MonsterGov demonstrated ways that the Job Analysis process can be streamlined and explored key themes with its representing agencies.

Read our Job Analysis article to learn more!

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