How to Populate USAJOBS' Job Sites using MCO Tags in MHME

Mission Critical Custom Tagging - woman working on a laptopTo help the federal government close the skills gap, OPM's strategy was to "identify agency-specific and government-wide mission critical occupations (MCO) at the greatest risk and implement strategies to close the gaps.” USAJOBS allows job seekers to specifically search for mission-critical jobs and even offers a search page organized by its main mission-critical career fields, such as Acquisitions, Mathematics, Science, and Cybersecurity.

Agencies have had the ability to leverage mission-critical occupation (MCO) tags in their MHME talent acquisition system for vacancies associated with these government-wide hiring campaigns. The available MCO tags are determined by OPM, built into the MHME system, and updated over time to accommodate any new changes. These are primarily leveraged by USAJOBS to assist applicants in searching for positions based on the MCO; however, some MCOs have dedicated portals to promote hiring in those areas. 

Requirement for Custom MCO Tags

With the huge spotlight on the federal workforce and continued competition against the private sector, OPM and other agencies are rapidly pushing hard on new hiring initiatives, including the launch of new career sites within USAJOBS, such as the Federal Tech Portal and agency-branded search pages. In order to support these pages, MonsterGov implemented custom MCO tagging capability into the MHME federal talent acquisition system, in addition to the predetermined MCO tags. With this custom tag capability, agency administrators can determine which portals are applicable to their agency and quickly make them available to their user community without needing configuration support from MonsterGov.

Current/Upcoming OPM Government-wide Portals Leveraging MCO Tags

Below is a listing of government-wide portals created and managed by OPM. For agencies who want to have their vacancies automatically populate on these search pages, use the tags below.
Note: The following MCO portals tags were added by MonsterGov, and do not need to be added by an Agency System Administrator.

Bipartisan Infrastructure Act Portal

To help agencies accelerate hiring arising from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act portal was developed to support this government-wide effort. USAJOBS will spotlight the Infrastructure Act job postings on the USAJOBS site to help connect job seekers with agency positions supporting the Infrastructure Act. For jobs funded by this act, Agency HR professionals can use the existing MCO tag: Infrastructure Act.

STEM Jobs Portal - Upcoming Portal

The STEM Jobs Portal is an upcoming branded search page on USAJOBS. This page is a one-stop shop for jobs associated with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), as well as medical and occupational series and skill requirements, allowing prospective applicants to easily find opportunities across the federal workforce where they can apply their technical backgrounds. To post jobs on the STEM Portal, Agency HR professionals can use the existing MCO tag: STEM.

Note: The following custom MCO portal tags need to be added by an Agency System Administrator, before they can be made available for HR. Once added, HR users can select this tag from the custom MCO tag drop-down during the vacancy-building process.

Federal Tech Portal

The Federal Tech Portal serves as a place for job seekers to view and apply for tech or tech-adjacent job opportunities in the federal government. For agencies who want to have their tech vacancies automatically populate in the Federal Tech Portal, system administrators need to add the OPM-defined custom tag in their talent acquisition system: TechToGov. 
Read more on Federal Tech Portal

National Security and Foreign Policy Portal - Upcoming Portal

The National Security and Foreign Policy Portal (the “NatSec Portal”) is an upcoming branded search page on USAJOBS. This page will serve as a one-stop shop for jobs within the national security and foreign policy workforce across the Federal government, allowing prospective applicants interested in this mission-driven work to easily find opportunities at the Departments and Agencies that constitute the National Security and Foreign Policy Workforce. To post jobs on the NatSec Portal, system administrators need to add the OPM-defined custom tag in their talent acquisition system: NatSec.

Agency-Branded Search Pages

Federal agencies will need to work with USAJOBS to build an agency-branded search page and determine the correct custom tag. Once agencies have approval from OPM on their custom tag, system administrators can add the new tag to their federal talent acquisition system, and HR users will have immediate access to select the tag during the vacancy-building process.


  • Mission Critical Custom Tagging guide
    Agencies who wish to use the OPM Portals can get started today! For agency-branded search pages, please reach out to OPM to get the process started.
  • Agency HR users can download the one-pager below for steps on how to utilize the MCO tag feature in your MHME federal talent acquisition system.
  • System administrators: access the 4.15.2 Release Notes posted to the MonsterGov Corner for guidance on adding custom MCO tags.


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