Spotlight On Federal Hiring Champions

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Federal HR professionals are working tirelessly to ensure the federal government has the right people, at the right place, at the right time for their agency. We would like to shine the spotlight on these federal HR champions and recognize the work they are doing around federal hiring. They deserve a big “thank you”.

Know someone in federal hiring who deserves recognition for their efforts?

Send in a nomination for consideration by our MonsterGov leadership team. Winners will be selected and announced on a rolling basis and will get their very own Monster trophy! Submissions should take approximately 5-10 minutes and the form can be found below! 


Recruiting and Hiring Champion

Just like many other employers across the country, the federal government has a lot of jobs to fill! While federal employment offers many great benefits, they still heavily compete with the private sector for talent. Recruiting and hiring teams are on the frontlines, tasked with the mission of drawing top talent to their agency. How did you or your colleague find and/or hire the right people for your agency? Did you/they do something innovative?

HR Executive Leader Champion

Between vaccination mandates and DEIA initiatives, this year has seen countless policy changes and efforts to protect, secure and grow the federal workforce. And while all parts of the federal government, the individual agencies and departments have approached these changes differently across a spectrum. How have you or a federal HR executive demonstrated leadership skills that empower their teams and successfully navigated their federal workforce through the many changes of this past year?

Federal Agency HR Team Champions

Sometimes it can be challenging to pinpoint an individual when the entire HR team deserves to be celebrated! Which federal HR team demonstrated collaborative, innovative and noteworthy initiatives in hiring during 2021? What achievements should be recognized that could set the standard for the future of the federal government?

Nomination Form

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