Spotlight on Federal HR Game Changers

At the core of every government agency are two key things: the mission and the people making that mission a reality. At Monster Government Solutions, we know that agency HR teams—HR Specialists, CHCOs, and everyone in between—are vital to ensuring that the government has the right people to get the job done well, whatever that job may be. So, we want to celebrate them!

At the Monster Government Solutions Federal Workforce Forum, on December 12th, we will recognize the government’s HR all-stars and their innovative projects with the Spotlight on Federal HR Game Changers. We are looking to recognize those in the government who deviate from the “norm” in order to recruit, hire, and help retain the brightest minds in the public sector. 

Thank you for your interest in the Spotlight on Federal HR Game Changers. The entry period is now closed. Please check back for a list of winners after December 12, 2018.

Winners will be announced during the Monster Government Solutions Federal Workforce Forum on December 12, 2018 at 12:00 PM at  The United States Navy Memorial Naval Heritage Center in D.C. All federal HR professionals are welcome to attend the forum. Please make sure to register here.   

Spotlight Categories: 

Recruiting and Hiring Game Changer of the Year

With industries across the country experiencing critical skills gaps, the Federal Government is facing fiercer recruiting competition than ever before. As missions evolve and agencies require new and specialized talent, it’s up to the HR teams to help draw top talent to the public sector. How are you or your agency disrupting the traditional recruiting and hiring processes of the past in an effort to change the game and attract top talent to the public sector?


HR Go-Getter of the Year

We know change can be hard, and we want to recognize individuals who saw a need and took initiative to close the widening gap. How have you or your colleague solved a problem or process? How did you or your colleague serve as an agent of change to win the hearts of others and encourage them to change as well? How did you or your colleague cut through some of the often-discouraging “red tape” to make this change and tailor the solution to your agency and its mission?