For more than two decades, Monster has been helping medical centers like yours reach, connect with, and hire the very best talent - wherever they are.

As a VHA recruiter searching for qualified nurses, you are living the challenge of the nurse shortage. While nationally, there are more than 9 million licensed nurses, more than half of whom are RNs: ®

  • The national unemployment rate for nurses is 2.7%
  • That means the active seeker pool is about 240K nurses (130K RNs) who are not currently employed.
  • In the US there are 371K current job openings for nurses (191K RNs)
  • There are more than 21K companies looking for nurses (11K looking for RNs)
  • In the last 6 months 80,000+ licensed nurses (35,000 RNs) uploaded their resumes on

    Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics; CEB Talent Neuron;  

Here is where Monster can help. Our healthcare clients use our tools to reach both active and passive nursing talent.

Reaching Active Job Seekers
Every month on, 1.5 million job searches result in 2.6 million Medical/Health job views. Posting a job ad on helps VHA reach millions of active job seekers in both urban and rural areas (particularly through our partnership with 1000+ local newspapers).

Table 1. Most Frequently Searched Medical/Health Job Terms on
(Nurse Rankings Below), Monthly Average (Nov 2015 - April 2016)
# Keyword As single occurrence As part of a larger search
2 Registered Nurse (RN) 40,400 42,100
4 Nurse 37,400 196,300
5 LPN 33,600 49,200
6 RN 31,000 n/a
7 Registered Nurse  28,000 77,000
13 Nursing 15,800 48,400
14 CNA 15,700 29,200
15 Nurse Practitioner 15,400 20,700
19 Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) 10,300 10,500
22 LVN 9,400 20,300
23 Licensed Practical/Vocational Nurse (LPN/LVN) 9,300 9,300

Reaching Passive Job Seekers
You know that many of the most desired nursing talent are not actively seeking new jobs. However, Monster’s healthcare clients have found that these passive candidates are often open and responsive to learning about available opportunities. For these passive nurse candidates, our clients have used Monster’s ad network and social tools to reach them wherever they happen to live online - whether it’s shopping, reading news, or on their social media accounts.

Finding Better Nurse Talent, Faster
As busy recruiters, you need tools and resources that 1) provide a rich source of highly qualified nurse talent, 2) help you quickly identify the best matches for your needs, and 3) fill your pipeline and vacancies, all the while making it easy for you to manage communications.

Monster has more than 80,000 active (uploaded within the last six months) nurse resumes and adds thousands of new talent each month that are searchable by healthcare recruiters. Using Monster’s Power Resume Search, VHA recruiters can source and pinpoint the right nurse candidates for your needs. Simply enter your search criteria, and our patented 6Sense® search technology will quickly find, score, and rank matching candidates based on relevant skills and recency of experience.

Solution Bundles
Let Monster help you reach the nurses you want to hire into your VA Medical Center. Choose from the bundles below or contact us to customize a solution to meet your particular needs.


Bundle Options*
*Options can be customized to meet specific medical center needs

30-Day Job Ad
(targets millions of active job seekers on

1 3 5

30-Day Ad Network Distribution
(targets passive job seekers on thousands of sites, unrelated to job search)

1 3 5

Social Job Ad
(targets passive job seekers on Facebook and Twitter)

1 3 5

Power Resume Search Access
(award-winning tool that scores, ranks, and compares job seeker resumes)

n/a 7-Day, 100 Views
(within 100 miles of designated zipcode)
30-Day, 1500 Views
(within 100 miles of designated zipcode)


30-Day Job Ad
Post a job. Reach millions of active job seekers. Get immediate responses. 30-Day Job Ads include:

  • Automatic distribution to, 1000+ newspaper sites, our mobile apps and Monster network sites
  • Automatic refresh of your ad in 14 days so the ad rises back to the top of candidate search results
  • Unlimited ability to edit your ad anytime during the life of the posting
  • Email distribution to active candidates seeking jobs similar to the posted job
  • Up to 20 matched recommended resumes per posting
  • Response tracking reports

30-Day Ad Network Distribution
Enhance your job ad with greater reach on thousands of websites. Simple and easy to use, the Ad Network Distribution takes an existing job posting and dynamically transforms it into a media campaign. Our patent-pending behavioral targeting technology identifies and delivers your ad to passive, potential candidates who match your opening wherever they happen to be online - whether it’s shopping or reading news - not just limited to job sites.

Social Job Ad
Automatically target candidates on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can quickly and easily find those "under-the-radar" nurse candidates — people who might not be actively looking on a job site but are active on their social sites.

Our technology matches candidates from a pool of over 1.5 billion active monthly Facebook users and over 300 million active monthly Twitter users who fit your criteria. Ads remain live until they reach 50 engagements or until they have been up for 30 days.

Power Resume Search Access
What if the only resumes coming across your desk were from qualified candidates?

Monster Power Resume Search takes a fundamentally more advanced approach to finding qualified candidates. Simply enter your search criteria, and our patented 6Sense® search technology will find, score, and rank matching candidates located within 100 miles of a designated zip code, based on relevant skills and recency of experience. Easily compare up to three candidates side-by-side to quickly determine who you want to view further. Includes Monster’s candidate management tools to communicate with candidates and manage the recruiting process.