Engage Candidates With a Tailored Experience

What are Monster Career Sites?
Monster Career Sites are tailored talent acquisition solutions that enhance the applicant experience and increases engagement to attract and convert more qualified candidates.

How do Monster Career Sites work?
Through Monster Career Sites, you can outsource your entire career portal to Monster Government Solutions. Monster Career Sites optimize your job portal for desktop, mobile, or social media, enabling you to reach talent on any platform.

What do Monster Career Sites accomplish?
Monster Career Sites allow employers to focus on what matters — finding, hiring, and retaining the best people.

Employers benefit by:

  • Reaching a wider audience. 
  • Conveying recruitment messages on branded, mobile- and desktop-friendly microsites.
  • Engaging job seekers online.
  • Converting more applicants through integration with an employer’s existing applicant tracking system.
  • Building and maintaining a candidate database that follows the job seeker’s journey and ensures future communications are relevant and timely.
  • Retaining more hires by building stronger relationships through Monster’s technology.

Why are Monster Career Sites unique?
Because employers have unique recruitment and retention needs, Monster Career Sites can be customized to mimic an organization’s brand and personality. Monster’s technology also supports responsive design so job seekers can access an employer’s recruiting information from any device at any time.

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