Help Your Employees Identify the Training and Abilities Needed for Future Career Success

What is Monster Career Mapping?
Monster Career Mapping services define the various routes an employee can take within an organization to fulfill their career goals.

How does Monster Career Mapping work?
Monster Career Mapping involves four major steps: defining position requirements, mapping career paths, identifying and creating developmental opportunities to assist with career progression/transition, and facilitating career planning. Monster Career Mapping:

  • Defines Requirements: Monster works with our clients to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities, as well as certifications and education one must have to perform a job.
  • Maps Career Paths: A Monster organizational psychologist works with client subject matter experts to develop career maps — visual representations of the various job paths an individual can take to progress through their career.
  • Identifies and Creates Development Opportunities: Monster works with our clients to identify existing internal training and development opportunities, the feasibility of creating additional internal opportunities, and consider where their employees may go outside of the organization to gain the necessary experience to successfully follow career maps.
  • Facilitates Career Planning: Monster works with our clients to establish and implement an effective, three-phased career management process: explore, plan, and develop. We facilitate participation in the process with managers, HR representatives, and job incumbents.

What does Monster Career Mapping accomplish?
Monster Career Mapping services improve employee satisfaction and retention by empowering individuals to grow their careers and giving them options so they are less likely to see themselves in a static role. Monster Career Mapping assists with succession planning and provides a framework to assist mentors and managers in the guidance of junior employees.

Why is Monster Career Mapping unique?
Monster Career Mapping consultants have advanced degrees in industrial/organizational psychology, which includes coursework related to career mapping, job requirements analysis, training and development, and change management. Monster consultants are highly qualified to perform this work and to assist organizations with their human capital management needs.


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