Discover Candidates Faster Than Ever Before

The convergence of cloud computing with HR systems is ushering in a new and more efficient way to hire. With Monster Cloud Solutions, you can automate finding the right candidates, communicating with them through advanced messaging features, and hiring. You can also gain insights into current talent pools and hiring trends that inform your recruitment strategy.

Monster Cloud Solutions includes a series of components to help you source better talent, match candidates to your open positions, and maximize your existing search pool.

With Monster Cloud Solutions you can:

  • Search, compare, and rank talent from your existing pools.
  • Message talent with robust campaign tools.
  • Refine recruitment strategy based on real-time analytics.
  • Manage talent throughout the employment life cycle.


Increase Your Agency's Qualified Talent Pool
With Monster Cloud Search

Monster Cloud Search is an advanced search and analytics platform that redefines the way you find and manage talent.

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Manage Your Candidate Outreach
With Monster Cloud CRM

Monster Cloud CRM is an easy-to-use communications platform that helps you correspond with candidates using customizable email campaigns.

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Make More Informed Recruiting Decisions
With Monster Cloud Analytics

Monster Cloud Analytics analyzes your own talent databases including current employees and candidates so you can plan on-target personnel and recruitment strategies and make more informed hiring decisions.

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