Discover and Connect With Qualified Candidates From Our Vast Resume Database

What is Monster Power Resume Search?
Monster Power Resume Search enables you to launch deep searches across millions of resumes in Monster’s database to find the right candidates.  

How does Monster Power Resume Search work?
Monster’s patented, award-winning Advanced Search Technology delivers advanced, powerful searches you need to pinpoint the right talent.

Monster Power Resume Search evaluates a resume as an experienced recruiter would, matching candidates on qualifications such as skills, education, location, and — most importantly — relevant experience. By understanding natural language instead of relying on keywords, Monster Power Resume Search intuitively finds great candidates.

What does Monster Power Resume Search accomplish?
Monster Power Resume Search gives you more higher-quality matches for your openings. You can search, compare, rank, and manage talent in less time. Candidates are scored and displayed in order so you don’t have to spend time sifting through unqualified results.

Why is Monster Power Resume Search unique?
With Monster Power Resume Search, you can compare up to three candidates side-by-side to help you make more informed hiring decisions.

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