Keep Applicant Data Secure Throughout the Federal Selection Process

Federal hiring policies are lengthy and complex, but that doesn’t mean your hiring process should be. Agencies require an applicant-tracking system that is federally-compliant, reliable, secure, and flexible. That’s why we created the Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite.

Built specifically for government, the Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite enables federal HR staff to easily identify quality talent from large pools of online candidates. 

The Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite can help agencies:

  • Attract the right candidates with accurate and compelling vacancy announcements and assessments.
  • Engage job seekers often and with the right information.
  • Efficiently filter the list of best-qualified candidates for your position vacancy.
  • Quickly and easily hire and onboard new employees with technologies that automate and manage processes.
  • Create a personalized onboarding experience for new employees, ensuring productivity from day one.


Leverage a Compliant Applicant Tracking
System with Monster Hiring Management

Monster Hiring Management is an applicant-tracking solution that streamlines the federal hiring process, while ensuring regulatory compliance. The system addresses the most critical hiring challenges faced by federal agencies as they recruit, assess, select, and hire the best candidate to fill a vacancy.

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Produce More Accurate Position Descriptions
with Monster Position Classification

Monster Position Classification features an intuitive step-by-step wizard and an extensive library of customizable position descriptions and cover letters that comply with OPM guidelines. Monster Position Classification automates position description development, approval, and reporting workflows to improve collaboration among stakeholders throughout the process.

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Improve Candidate Quality with
Monster Applicant Assessment

Applicant quality has a direct impact on an agency’s ability to achieve its mission. Monster Applicant Assessment brings a data-driven approach to the federal selection process by providing empirical tests to identify applicant capabilities beyond their self-reported proficiency. Monster Applicant Assessment provides a comprehensive catalog of selection tests to measure a wide variety of factors critical for successful job performance.

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Speed Your New Hires to
Productivity with Monster Onboarding

Monster Onboarding supercharges HR productivity by using previously collected new-hire data to quickly and accurately pre-populate and route emails, letters, and forms to selected candidates. Get visibility into both HR and new hires with a centralized portal where HR professionals can track and manage all the steps and documentation that need to be completed in the onboarding process, before a new hire’s first day on the job. The portal further enhances the employee’s onboarding experience by acting as a delivery platform for orientation materials, videos, employee handbooks, and more.

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