Recruit, Assess, Select, and Hire with Ease

What is Monster Hiring Management?
Monster Hiring Management is an applicant-tracking solution that streamlines the federal hiring process, while ensuring regulatory compliance. The system addresses the most critical hiring challenges faced by federal agencies as they recruit, assess, select, and hire the best candidate to fill a vacancy.

How does Monster Hiring Management work?
Monster Hiring Management increases productivity and collaboration while shortening time-to-hire by helping you:

  • Seamlessly plan vacancies using job analysis to verify competency needs and develop competency-based assessments. Save time with our intuitive vacancy builder while maintaining complete control of each phase in the process.
  • Attract and engage an array of qualified talent via channels including USAJOBS,, and a wide range of agency-focused websites. Staying in touch with applicants through notifications at critical points during the application process.
  • Assess candidates with automated rating and ranking that target specific job-related competencies. Uncover your highest quality candidates while supporting OPM’s multiple hurdles and vetting requirements.
  • Thoroughly evaluate candidates and easily create applicant documentation throughout your hiring process. Create and deliver finalist application packages for hiring managers to review online or offline.
  • Hire the most qualified candidate in less time by verifying the legality of the selection; compiling required supporting documentation; and entering the offer, hire, and entrance-on-duty dates. Retain vacancy case files to support OPM or internal audits.

What does Monster Hiring Management accomplish?
Monster Hiring Management places the entire federal hiring process at your fingertips — from vacancy announcements and assessment creation to rating, ranking, and hiring the ideal candidate.  

Why is Monster Hiring Management unique?
Monster Hiring Management was built specifically for the federal hiring process. It meets or exceeds all 85 OPM requirements while adapting to your agency’s specific needs and processes. Monster Hiring Management is a proven solution with an average uptime of 99.9955 percent.

Security, Compliance & Protection of Individual Information
Monster Government Solutions understands the importance of providing you with a security-centric hosted solution.  Monster Hiring Management uses a multi-layer security approach including physical, network and perimeter protection, as well as, application user authentication, data encryption, and redundant architecture with multiple layers of authentication for internal systems such as operating systems and databases.  

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