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Monster Professional Services complements our technology solutions by helping public-sector and commercial organizations meet existing and emerging human capital needs. Our team of industrial/organizational psychologists and HR consultants execute customized human capital projects aligned with industry standards and best practices. Through comprehensive subject matter expertise and past experience, we’ve delivered effective products and services for numerous companies, organizations, and agencies across both private and public sectors.

Improve Implementation Success With
Change Management and User Adoption Services

Monster Change Management's methodology is designed to reduce the negative impact associated with implementing organizational changes and ensure successful integration throughout the procurement process and beyond.

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and User Adoption Services


Delegate Your Agency's Job Analysis
and Competency Modeling Duties

Monster Job Analysis and Competency Modeling services provide agencies with a complete understanding of position requirements by examining the duties required of a job and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform those tasks. Create targeted measurement tools for selection, workforce planning, performance management, and more.

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Competency Modeling Services


Deliver Custom Monster Solutions Training
With Product Training Services

Monster Product Training courses provide classroom-based instruction on all products in the Monster Hiring Management Enterprise Suite, including Monster Hiring Management, Monster Position Classification, Monster Onboarding, and more. Our team of training specialists deliver off-the-shelf content and customize courses to meet agency-specific workflows and system configurations.

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Hire Qualified Candidates With 
Assessment Development and Validation Services

Monster Assessment Development and Validation services help to identify best qualified applicants for mission-critical vacancies using validated screening tools based on job analysis results. Monster Assessment Development and Validation services leverage both off-the-shelf and customized tools to collect job-relevant applicant information. 

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and Validation Services


Boost Your Hiring Efficiencies With
Hiring Process Optimization Services

Monster Hiring Process Optimization services can improve an agency’s hiring process by eliminating workflow inefficiencies or redundancies, ensuring role accountability, and identifying opportunities for the inclusion of enabling technology. An efficient hiring process ensures that best qualified candidates are identified and hired in a timely manner.

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Streamline Your Agency's Assessment Portfolio
With Question Library Restructuring Services

Monster Question Library Restructuring services support hiring management customers in the review, analysis, and reorganization of their existing question library to eliminate duplicate, out-of-date, ineffective, or poorly written assessment items.

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Customize Agency-Specific Training Courses
With Professional Development Training Services

Monster Professional Development Training courses provide classroom-based instruction related to a variety of human capital topics, including job analysis/applicant assessment, category rating, and structured interviewing. Our team is available to customize training course content to align with agency-specific policies/processes or develop new courses to meet emerging needs.

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