Use Validated Screening Tools Based on Job Analysis Results

What is Monster Assessment Development and Validation?
Monster Assessment Development and Validation helps to identify best qualified applicants for mission-critical vacancies using validated screening tools based on job analysis results. Monster Assessment Development and Validation leverages off-the-shelf and customized tools to collect job-relevant applicant information. Effectively screening applicants during the apply process will ensure only qualified individuals will reach the latter phases of the hiring process. 

How does Monster Assessment Development and Validation work?
Monster consultants start by conducting a thorough job analysis to define the competencies required for successful job performance within a targeted occupation. Job analysis results serve as the foundation for development and validation of applicant assessment tools and scoring protocols. Working with agency subject matter experts, Monster consultants ensure assessment items measure critical job competencies and effectively differentiate between qualified and unqualified applicants.  

What does Monster Assessment Development and Validation accomplish?
Monster Assessment Development and Validation helps agencies quickly and accurately assess applicants for mission-critical occupations. Unqualified applicants are identified early in the selection process, reducing the time spent reviewing applicants unsuited for the position and saving money associated with turnover from making the wrong hire.

Why is Monster Assessment Development and Validation unique?
Monster’s team of experienced industrial/organizational psychologists provide human capital consulting services that effectively and efficiently target the needs of each unique client we serve.

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