Give Youth a Great Start

What is Making Your Future Count?
Making Your Future Count is a suite of 45-minute live presentations designed by Monster to supplement your existing youth and workforce development programs. Through engaging, relevant content and powerful speakers, we inspire action for a transitioning workforce.

How does Making Your Future Count work?
Making Your Future Count workshops will allow you to leverage the power of Monster to build and focus pipelines of educated and skilled workers toward education readiness, career exploration, soft skills development, work readiness, and financial management, ultimately supporting your region’s economic development.

Youth focused workshops include:

  • Discover Who You Are
  • Define Where You Want to Go
  • Identify and Build the Skills Needed to Succeed
  • Making High School Count
  • Build Your Academic Skills
  • Build Your Money Management Skills
  • Consider Post Secondary Education
  • Paying for Post Secondary Education
  • Making College Count
  • Start Your Career Search: Your Best Resume
  • Start Your Career Search: Your Best Interview
  • Respecting Diversity in the Workplace
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Investigate STEM Opportunities
  • Investigate Entrepreneurship

What does Making Your Future Count accomplish?
Making Your Future Count provides education, skills assessment, and skills training to prepare participants for post-secondary education or the workforce. It offers youth occupational and educational options, including soft skills training in your region and leads them to build pathways to success. Our workshops also increase preparation for post-secondary education or the workforce and supports the reduction of youth dropout rates.

Why is Making Your Future Count unique?
Our youth workshops support Workforce Innovations and Opportunity Act (WIOA) goals, meeting objectives for Workforce Development Boards and youth councils, and they deliver outcomes according to common WIOA measures. Our customizable workshops are proven to meet any regional objectives. We employ a nationwide infrastructure of certified and experienced presenters who apply Monster’s scope of experience and best practices to meet your needs. Making Your Future Count workshops leverage the Monster brand with both job seekers and employers.