Drive Key Workforce Development Program and Investment Decisions 

What is Monster Real-Time Labor Intelligence?
Monster’s Real-Time Labor Intelligence research provides the right data, analysis, and insights to help speed employment, address skill gaps, expand industries, and create new academic programs.

How does Monster Real-Time Labor Intelligence work?
Monster Real-Time Labor Intelligence is based on overlaying the expertise of Monster’s dedicated research team on top of Monster’s vast supply-and-demand data coupled with insights from our employer, education, and economic development partners. The output is in the form of three research offerings:

  • Online data warehouse, analytics and dashboard charting — Mine vast databases or job postings and resumes for key data including occupations, job titles, industries, skills, and education level.
  • Custom research reports — Facilitate planning, partner development, funding, and presentations to key stakeholders.
  • Research data — Aggregate and deliver detailed supply-and-demand data to your team on a one-time or regularly scheduled basis for use in research publications, analysis, and presentations.

What does Monster Real-Time Labor Intelligence accomplish?
Monster Real-Time Labor Intelligence works to speed employment, address skills gaps, reveal in-demand occupations, analyze sectors, and identify career progressions. Real-Time Labor Intelligence:

  • Provides an understanding of how economies and sectors are changing from a macro to a micro level.
  • Matches talent to employers, matches skilled candidates with in-demand occupations, and shows where the jobs are.
  • Aligns academic and training programs with emerging market needs.
  • Uses data to understand career progressions and the associated changes in skills, certifications, and compensation.

Why is Monster Real-Time Labor Intelligence unique?
No one else has Monster’s breadth of labor market data to package and provide actionable market information, analysis, and insights to your organization.

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