A Regional Employment Platform to Connect People With Opportunities 

What is a Monster Career Center?
A Monster Career Center is a configurable employment portal that intelligently matches participants with resources, job seekers with available opportunities, and employers with the right talent through an engaging, interactive experience on their desktops or mobile devices.

How does a Monster Career Center work?
Whether at home or on the go, Monster Career Center lets job seekers access valuable resources to develop their current career, explore a new career path, or actively search for and pursue new career opportunities that match their skills.

Monster Career Center uses award-winning, multi-patented advanced-search technology to dramatically reduce the time required for employers to accurately identify the right talent to fill jobs and allows job seekers to find ideal jobs that match their skills and experience. Monster Career Center empowers employers with an expansive resume database — helping them sort, rank, and manage resumes to help find the best talent for each opening.

What does a Monster Career Center accomplish?
Monster Career Center gives workforce development boards (WDBs) a job-matching site that is highly reliable, easy to launch and flexible. Monster Career Center empowers WDBs to effectively serve Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act core programs, such as adult and dislocated workers, youth workforce activities, vocational rehabilitation, training, services, and more.

Why is a Monster Career Center unique?
Monster Career Center is the only solution hosted on our proven and reliable platform, Monster.com. The Monster Career Center Application Program Interface easily connects with your existing online workforce solutions tools. It provides the visibility and reporting support you need to assess successes and demonstrate results within the job seeker, employer, and partner communities.


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