Distribute Your Job Ads Across Social Media Platforms

What are Monster Social Job Ads?

Monster Social Job Ads take your social recruiting to the next level by targeting your jobs to both passive and active candidates across Facebook and Twitter. Now you can quickly and easily find people who might not be actively looking for a job but may be a perfect fit for your open positions.

How do Monster Social Job Ads work?

With Monster Social Job Ads, implementing and maintaining a successful social recruiting strategy is easy. Our technology matches candidates from a pool of over 1.5 billion active monthly Facebook users and over 300 million active monthly Twitter users who fit your criteria. Your Monster Social Job Ads are then prominently displayed on the news feed of your targeted matches.

What do Monster Social Job Ads accomplish?

After a quick, one-time setup, Monster Job Ads automatically transform into a branded, high-performance social ad campaign. You will be able to advertise on Facebook and Twitter within hours. Ads remain live until they reach 50 engagements or until they have been up for 30 days.

Why are Monster Social Job Ads unique?

Monster Social Job Ads offer incredibly precise candidate targeting, adds social channels to your existing recruiting efforts, and fully integrates with our core products.

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