Find, Engage, and Recruit Rare Talent 

What is TalentBin by Monster?
TalentBin by Monster is a search engine that crawls social media sites on behalf of recruiters and aggregates publicly posted data about passive job candidates. It finds the best active and passive candidates for open positions. 

How does TalentBin by Monster work?
By sifting through passive candidates, TalentBin by Monster organically builds profiles of individual workers. Once it compiles a list of candidates, recruiters can tap into an array of tools to reach out to them. This solution also highlights when candidates are connected to existing staff on social media, opening up more personal conversations.

TalentBin by Monster offers:

  • An easy-to-use search tool with automated and custom queries.
  • The ability to create an aggregated social footprint of a candidate.
  • Email outreach templates with a single click to streamline your workflow.
  • Auditing through an intelligent CRM for easy candidate follow-up. 

What does TalentBin by Monster accomplish?
TalentBin by Monster is the world’s largest passive candidate database. It enables recruiters to find rare candidates by aggregating information from their social media profiles. 

Why is TalentBin by Monster unique?
TalentBin by Monster automates the manual process of passive candidate recruiting, enabling you to find and engage the right candidates faster and easier.

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