Align Employee Performance and Organizational Goals 

What is Monster Talent Performance?
Monster Talent Performance automates performance reviews to bring greater efficiencies and better align an employee's work to organizational goals.

How does Monster Talent Performance work?
Monster Talent Performance helps you retain top talent, identify and source rising stars, and simplify the process of employee performance reviews — all by automating the process and using a centralized dashboard. The enterprise-wide technology solution enables: 

  • Cascading individual goals that roll up to organizational goals.
  • Consistency in performance reviews across the organization.
  • Balanced and accurate two-way feedback.
  • 360-degree appraisals for both internal and external participants.
  • Rating system to assess employee potential.
  • Evaluation of both results and soft skills.
  • Calculation of risk of loss within an appraisals library.
  • Integration with training course catalogs, potential mentors, and more.

What does Monster Talent Performance accomplish?
Monster Talent Performance prepares your workforce for success. Not only does this solution enable you to appraise performance, you can also track results and uncover employees with the greatest potential for growth and development.

Why is Monster Talent Performance unique?
Monster Talent Performance integrates with Monster’s Talent Management Suite, allowing organizations to bring together all aspects of the employee’s career and view it through a powerful reporting tool all in one place.

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