What is the WIN 360?

The WIN 360 is a core piece of the WIN Insights platform. It enhances engagement among team members by:

  • Identifying identity-based similarities and differences
  • Assessing potential identity-based conflicts and avoiding triggering others’ hot buttons
  • Fostering a work environment in valuing and inclusivity
  • Leveraging identity-based differences to promote creativity and innovation

How does the Win 360 Work?
Each team member makes choices about the attributes, activities, and events that are most important to them across eight categories:

  • Core Values
  • Cultural and Demographic Identity
  • Geographic Identity
  • Hobbies and Civic Identity
  • Holidays and Celebrations
  • Individual Qualities and Characteristics
  • Professional Identity
  • Work Style Identity

Once team members complete the WIN 360, choices can be compared to look for similarities and differences. The result is that the organization is better prepared to include and accommodate different perspectives and styles that naturally arise in any working relationship.

What Makes the Win 360 Unique?
The WIN 360 Team Application places the accountability for successfully managing engagement and inclusion where it belongs — between team leaders and their members. The WIN 360 combines the common sense knowledge of how to build effective teams with the resources needed to forge successful business connections with all kinds of people.

The WIN 360 helps teams increase their abilities to:

  • Pay attention to personal, cultural and work style issues that are important to each team member.
  • Share responsibility for monitoring and maintaining team norms that create an effective team culture.
  • Continuously measure and improve team chemistry to foster innovation and high performance.

The WIN360 helps embed these important abilities within the organization so that they become integral parts of each employee’s work life.