Recruiting Talent for Today and the Future

Today’s workforce is undergoing seismic shifts. As Baby Boomers retire, the need to transfer knowledge and skills is intensifying. Meanwhile, overstressed Gen X workers are looking for greater work-life balance. And as Millennials look to fill the gap, a growing number are less likely to have college degrees.
Is your agency equipped to handle these generational changes?
Learn how to address these challenges - download a copy of A Guide to the Changing Workforce.
This 13-page Monster guide includes insights on key topics, including:
  • The Impact of Exiting Baby Boomers and How to Retain Them
  • How to Retain your Gen X Workers
  • Engaging Restless Millennials
  • Competing for Mission Critical Talent
  • How to Interview, Train and Manage New-Age Teams
A Guide to the Changing Workforce will keep your recruiting and management strategy on track.
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