In honor of this year’s Veterans Day, MonsterGov would like to acknowledge all our federal agency clients actively recruiting and hiring our military veterans. Between Monster and’s robust veteran recruitment capabilities and MonsterGov’s federal talent acquisition system (MHME), our federal agencies have the power of world-class recruitment and hiring capabilities behind them. MHME ensures a veteran applicant’s claims are captured and considered during the hiring process, and it’s evident that our clients are leveraging these capabilities to recruit, assess, and hire veterans. 

Curious which client agencies made our Top 10 lists for Attracting and Hiring Veterans? Take a look at the list below! Please note, these rankings are based on MHME system data. Agencies who do not fully close out their case files may be underreporting on their veteran applications and hires.

veteran feature 2023 3

Veterans are known for being highly disciplined and dedicated team members who can add unique experiences and skillsets to enable your federal agency’s mission successMonsterGov has been advocating for veteran employment since our founding – and we are proud to say this continues today within our organization, alongside Monster Worldwide and For the latest research and tips on employing veterans, download Monster’s 2023 Veteran Hiring Guide


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