As Monster celebrates its 30-years of connecting people to jobs, MonsterGov took its own trip down memory lane. Our parents founded Monster Government Solutions (MonsterGov) in 2002 as a dedicated workforce partner to the federal government – and we are now celebrating 22 years of supporting the U.S. public sector and workforce. From our flagship federal talent acquistion system platform to our labor exchange and case management system, Monster helped millions of public servants get hired and helped even more under- and unemployed job seekers get back on a career path. The MonsterGov team is proud and dedicated to its mission of empowering local, state, and federal government agencies to serve its people. Join us as we look back at where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. 

Monster Government Solutions 22 Year AnniversaryMonster Worldwide is the pioneer of the online job board and quickly established itself as an innovative leader in connecting people to jobs. Through its work in supporting the nation’s job seekers and employers, Monster had spent a lot of time advocating and engaging with the federal government on workforce issues, and it was in these early years that Monster recognized its need to support the federal government. Following the acquisition of QuickHire in 2003, MonsterGov launched its federal applicant tracking system, Monster Hiring Management, to help federal agencies hire the talent needed to reach their missions. To complement its ATS, MonsterGov introduced other federal hiring innovations, such as Position Classification and Onboarding systems, to offer agencies even more automation, streamlining, and efficiency in their hiring process. In addition to growing its federal talent acquisition system, MonsterGov transformed USAJOBS, which we managed from 2003 until 2012, when eventually OPM took the system in-house to oversee its operations and make it more vendor-neutral.

Ohio Means Jobs logoLater, MonsterGov took its background in government hiring and policy and started working with state and local agencies—both to help develop their own workforces and the workforces in their local areas through collaboration with regional workforce development stakeholders. Eventually, MonsterGov launched its first Monster-powered state labor exchange in 2008 for the state of Ohio, a historic milestone for MonsterGov’s capabilities for workforce development.

FedRAMP logoAs MonsterGov established itself as a workforce technology leader for the government and public sector at all levels, it continued its innovation journey. Its federal talent acquisition system was continuously expanding with new technology and capabilities, such as off-the-shelf applicant assessments and the first-of-its-kind federal Job Analysis solution. When MonsterGov began migrating to cloud-based offerings, we simultaneously began the pursuit of a FedRAMP authorization to ensure our federal agencies were not only getting the most powerful federal talent acquisition systems, but also the most secure.

At the state level, MonsterGov implemented the first MonsterWorks Case Management system – Ohio's ARIES - demonstrating its effectiveness in advancing local workforce needs with modern and flexible technology solutions. This implementation also signified that Ohio was the first state with MonsterGov’s integrated labor exchange and case management system, for a more holistic and more seamless workforce development technology solution than what the majority of other states were operating.

From pioneering federal applicant tracking systems to advancing regional workforce development, MonsterGov is a proven and dedicated workforce innovator and trusted partner for governments and the public sector.

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